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September 2010

Latin American Markets for Peripheral Vascular Devices 2011


The market for peripheral vascular (PV) devices in Latin America will undergo considerable growth over the forecast period. Despite the cost-consciousness of Latin American public health care systems, a large and growing patient population will require treatment for peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Revenue increases in this market will continue to be driven in particular by an aging population and a rising incidence of obesity and diabetes, two major contributors to PVD. Moreover, Latin American physicians are expressing increasing interest in treating PVD, especially using endovascular techniques that are less invasive and result in shorter hospital stays. In conjunction with new devices that will expand the treatable patient population, this will support stable growth in the Latin American PV device market through 2015.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  *  Colombia and Mexico have traditionally been underpenetrated markets compared to countries such as Argentina and Brazil. As a result, several device manufacturers have instituted or begun to institute initiatives—including providing training for PV interventions—to develop physician relationships in these countries in order to raise awareness. How will growth in Colombia and Mexico compare to the rest of Latin America over the forecast period? Will growth be seen only in newer endovascular approaches or will other alternatives, such as surgical interventions, also benefit from these initiatives?

  *   Preliminary results from CREST (Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy versus Stenting Trial) were released in 2010, comparing carotid stenting against endarterectomy. What will the effect of these trial results be on procedural growth and adoption of peripheral stenting in the carotid artery? Will usage trends as a result of CREST differ across the Latin American countries covered?

  *   Latin American public health care systems are under strong pressure to contain health care expenditures. How will these cost-containment efforts affect revenue growth in the various regions covered? What will the impact on average selling prices (ASPs) be through 2015?


Regions covered: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico

Procedure segmentation: Our analysis uses the following breakdown of procedures in each region covered:

  • PV stent procedures
    • By indication (carotid, renal, iliac, femoropopliteal [fem-pop], and infrapopliteal [infrapop])
  • Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) balloon catheter procedures
    • By procedure type (plain old balloon angioplasty and PTA-with-stent)
    • By indication (carotid, renal, iliac, fem-pop, infrapop, and arteriovenous [AV] access)
  • Carotid artery stenting and embolic protection device (EPD) procedures
  • Inferior vena cava filter (IVCF) placements
    • By device type (retrievable IVCF and permanent IVCF)
  • Aortic stent graft procedures
    • By indication (abdominal aortic and thoracic aortic)
  • Synthetic surgical graft procedures
    • By indication (peripheral bypass, abdominal aortic, AV access, extra-anatomical [XA], and thoracic aortic)
  • Endovascular procedures
    • By type (interventional and diagnostic-only)

Market segmentation: Our analysis uses the following breakdown of the market in each region covered:

  • PV stents
    • By indication (carotid, renal, iliac, fem-pop, and infrapop)
    • By stent type (self-expandable, balloon-expandable, and covered)
  • PTA balloon catheters
    • By device type (standard, small, large, high pressure, and specialty)
  • EPDs
  • IVCFs
    • By device type (retrievable IVCF and permanent IVCF)
  • Aortic stent grafts
    • By indication (abdominal aortic and thoracic aortic)
  • Synthetic surgical grafts
    • By indication (peripheral bypass, abdominal aortic, AV access, XA, thoracic aortic)
    • By graft material (Dacron and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene [ePTFE])
  • PV accessory device market
    • By device type (guidewires, diagnostic catheters, sheaths, and guiding catheters)

Market forecast features: Based on primary research with industry professionals, we use our proprietary forecasting model to provide an in-depth examination of current and future trends in procedure volumes, unit sales, ASPs, and market values over a 7-year period (2009–2015).

Competitive analysis: We provide a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape in the market, as well as market shares and qualitative discussions of the leading competitors in each market segment.


Fareed Hameed, M.Biotech.

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  • ALN
  • AngioDynamics
  • Arrow International (a Teleflex Medical Company)
  • Atrium Medical
  • B. Braun
  • Bolton Medical
  • Boston Scientific
  • Braile Biomédica
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  • C. R. Bard
  • Endologix
  • ev3 (acquired by Covidien)
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