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November 2011

US Markets for Arthroscopy Devices 2012


The US arthroscopy device market will experience moderate growth through 2016, driven by a rising number of arthroscopic procedures performed. Minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy offer many benefits over open surgery, including low morbidity and complication rates as well as less hospitalization time. These advantages will strengthen demand for such procedures over the forecast period. Furthermore, many older individuals in the US are increasingly engaging in physical activity. This trend will lead to more sports-related injuries requiring repair, which will further fuel arthroscopic procedure volumes. Nonetheless, revenue gains from procedure volume growth will be offset to some extent by average selling price (ASP) declines. These declines will stem from price competition in this mature and commoditized market as well as an increasingly cost-conscious environment in the US. Overall, however, procedure volume growth will offset these declines, resulting in market expansion over the forecast period.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  *  In the US, the arthroscopy device market will be driven by a rising number of arthroscopic procedures performed, fueled by an increasing number of sports-related injuries and advancements allowing for more joint conditions to be treated arthroscopically. How will each segment of the US arthroscopy device market be affected by these factors? What impact does this have on the competitive landscape in the market? What considerations must be taken into account by new competitors intending to enter this market?

  *   Small-joint and hip arthroscopy procedure volumes will experience strong growth as more physicians become trained to perform these difficult procedures and as manufacturers continue to develop specialized devices for these joints. What types of arthroscopy products will be developed specifically for these joints? How will the launch of new products influence ASPs? How will existing competitors react to increased market entry and heightened competitive pressure?

  *   The arthroscope market is the fastest-growing product segment, driven by demand for newer technologies such as high-definition arthroscopes as well as hip and small-joint arthroscopes. Which competitors are in the best position to gain revenues due to market growth? How will the launch of new products influence ASPs?


Regions covered: US

Procedure segmentation: Our analysis uses the following breakdown of procedures:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Small-joint
    • Wrist
    • Ankle
    • Elbow
  • Hip

Market segmentation: Our analysis uses the following breakdown of the market:

  • Powered shaver disposables
    • Blades
    • Burrs
  • Radiofrequency probes
    • Bipolar
    • Monopolar
  • Fluid management disposables
    • Tubing
      • Single-use
      • Patient-use
      • Day-use
    • Cannulae
  • Arthroscopes
    • Large-joint
    • Small-joint
  • Hand instruments

Market forecast features: Based on primary research with industry professionals and key opinion leaders/end users, we use our proprietary forecasting model to provide an in-depth examination of current and future trends in procedure volumes, unit sales, average selling prices, and market values over a 7-year period (2010–2016).

Competitive analysis: We provide a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape in the market, as well as market shares and qualitative discussions of the leading competitors in each market segment.


Canny Ho
Michelle Li, M.Sc.

Karen Gierszewski
Aaron McCracken
Thevaki Thevaratnam

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  • ArthroCare
  • Arthronet
  • Biomet Sports Medicine
  • Cannuflow
  • ConMed Linvatec
  • CorTek Endoscopy
  • Covidien
  • Davol (a subsidiary of C. R. Bard)
  • DePuy Mitek
  • Olympus/Gyrus-ACMI
  • Orthopedic Sciences
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